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DECIMATE 04:23 video
Surface, control, Frozen, wasteland. This world, destroyed Out cold, desolate This world, so cold None left, decimate. /// video https://youtu.be/NRkG1CO8k8c
Say goodbye leave the surface behind, It’s all about the daily grind, The deeper, the darker, as if we’re blind, Try to keep, the positive mind DOWN INTO THE CORE CHASING DREAMS, AWAY FROM THE DOOR Through the tunnels and into the rock Excavating against the clock, Digging down away for the cold, Before the mind games are taking hold DOWN INTO THE CORE CHASING DREAMS, AWAY FROM THE DOOR /// video https://youtu.be/dkNiii4psWo
/// video https://youtu.be/Q5uUg9VyiU0
/// video https://youtu.be/0OtRnya8hCc
/// video https://youtu.be/3q3LHG5ofsk


Welcome back to 3808. The icy wastelands: the year that defies time.... a frozen overworld, barren and owned by the machines. Below the surface, barely surviving are the outlaws. The last of humanity, persevering and worked hard, mining as deep as possible. Their journey to reach the FIRE WELL, the lone source of heat and energy, has begun. Join them and feel akin in their struggles as the soundscape of this album delivers dark electro through industrial and industrial bass to create club anthems and dystopian in-your-face grit.

Moving forward from the guitar driven TERRA 3808 (02/11/2019), this more electronic direction delivers intensity and destructive beats, while having catchy melody. Following the release of the singles TO THE CORE (15/11/2021 – reached #1 on the Twitch 2021 chart countdown via the premiere dark DJ channel InsertScaryNameHere) and DECIMATE (17/01/2022), this album will undoubtedly build anticipation for what else is to come!

On these 9 tracks, conjure up some hope – while realising the reality of the challenges which lie ahead for the outlaws.

/// videos



released March 15, 2022

/// credits

Music written and produced by MATT HART
Additional production and mixing by Adi Calef of DNA Studios
Mastering by Krischan Jan-Eric Wesenberg of Rotersand
Artwork by Vlad McNealy aka Kallistidesign

/// thanks

First and foremost, thanks to my wife; my rock, for all the support, guidance and promotional firepower - without you none of this is possible. Thank you to Adi - your mixing skills are undoubtedly second to none. Krischan - you are unquestionably the master of the mastering and truly appreciate your creativity on this project. Then there's Mr. McNeally - your artwork has truly brought my vision of 3808 alive and crafted an apocalyptic world worth fighting for. And of course, huge thanks to the #outlawcrew / Outlaw Vision community who believe so much in my process of creating the world of 3808, along with my Bandcamp and social media followers. Thank you to each and every one of you who have supported me on this journey from Chaos to Terra, below and beyond.

/// reviews

"The beginning of the BELOW THE TERRA experience begins with post-apocalyptic imagery on the cd cover jacket and we are met with images in a snowy, cold, world. Troops appear on the jacket in high technology gas and anti-toxin respiratory masks, with assault rifles and a single cyclopian eye for visual tracking. Behind them, are factories and industrial storage areas they defend with assault rifles. The text around the jacket is written in a cold, wintery shade of icy feeling blue.

Little did we know, what MATT HART had in store for us – he was setting the stage for what was to be found inside. Upon playing the first track, the listener is instantly transported into the wastes of a post-apocalyptic world, with dark tonal synths, crunchy factory manufacturing like beats, and scales of sound that take us on a journey through this dark, forgotten and abandoned world which is presented on the cover.

Inside the album this idea and world is fully developed and refined. MATT HART paints us a musical picture of dire conditions, strict and unforgiving leadership in times of scarce resources. Themes of power, strength and scientific darkness are prevalent throughout the world MATT HART has created for us and the emotional toll that can come from living in such a harsh world. The vocal patterns on the tracks through out range from harsh and dominating, to soft and reassuring, taking the listener on a new journey as every track begins to play. The conclusion of the album ends strong very danceable tracks like “ABSOLUTE ZERO” (sure to be a future dance floor killer), along with “THE LAST RAVE” which is an up-tempo adrenaline rush combined with mechanical samples, authoritarian vocal styles, which end the album as in the same vein as it began.

This masterpiece by MATT HART is a must have album for people who appreciate dark electronic music, and the album itself possesses the versatility to be played on a variety of applications and dominate in each. The power house that is MATT HART was reflected in this album starting from the very beginning of the experience, the art then being followed by the first track --- listening through then coming to the hard and fast end. I am excited for [PART 2] of BELOW THE TERRA to follow along with the adventure that MAT HART has provided us, and to finally come to know….what lies Beneath The Terra!" ~ Christopher Deane, USA – 20/02/2022

“BELOW THE TERRA PT. 1 is an album that mercilessly smashes into your eardrums. With a refined combination of influences of EBM, industrial, dark electro, some sprinkles of dance-sounds, with heavy portions of dark beats, distorted guitars, vocoders and all other imaginable electronics. MATT HART claims his rightful place in the hall of fame of harder electro in the gothic and wave regions.

He has a sound that hovers between the well-trodden paths of many predecessors and a sound of his own that embraces various genres. Countdown to the 15th of March when the album is released. Lace up your dancing shoes and when the time comes: play it loud! The Last Rave (song on this album): I hope this album is just the start of a lot of fun on many dancefloors all over the world..” ~ Jürgen Braeckevelt, Peek-A-Boo Magazine, Belgium – 20/02/2022

“MATT HART's BELOW THE TERRA PT.1...where it’s not uncommon to hit play on an Industrial / EBM / Dark Electro track and get a slap: MATT 's effort to beam a soundtrack back in time from 3808 leaves little safe space. Thoughtful preparation is required. I have listed a few key suggestions to help enjoy the album, to sustain only mere flesh wounds.

1. Consider head and face protection. There are no mere playful slaps. Rather a sonic kick in the head, or curb side "smiley" of aggression.
2. I strongly suggest the best fire retardant you find. Listen to me on this one folks - your face WILL melt.
3. Be mentally prepared to lose hard fought "gatekeeper” status. There is a strong possibility you may hear something awesome that doesn't fit a narrow view or defined Genre box. If unprepared this could collapse an individual’s entire perception of music. Even worse infect other caretakers of priceless antique Genre boxes.

Fun aside, BELOW THE TERRA PT.1 is a tale of parallel journeys. One a poignant commentary on the future of humanity, and the other a journey covering a vast area of Dark the Electronic landscape. Executed with power, passion, and melodic "musical" qualities, often lacking in beat centric music." ~ Sean Beesley, Live Evil Productions, Toronto, Canada – 20/02/2022

"...The music itself has evolved in multiple ways bringing rich variation to his sonic arsenal. A well rounded and intriguing album that showcases some of the most conceptual features of story telling that suits industrial so well. Each track is well placed, thought out, and follows a different avenue of musical exploration within the synthetic 'machine'. A Powerful addition to MATT HART's catalogue of brutality and the clash of musical brawling of metal on metal." ~ Canis Lewis, ElektroVox, London, UK – 05/03/2022

"With an insistent rhythm composed by electronic beats, this artist’s album is a crushing and relentless, pounding affair.” ~ Chris Relkneus, Flatlines Magazine & Radio, Germany – 22/03/2022

"Londoner MATT HART hasn't finished hammering our eardrums with his mix of EBM and industrial music inspired by a futuristic and, of course, post-apocalyptic fictional frozen world. Below the Terra Pt. 1 is a good summary of Matt Hart's know-how when it comes to hammering us with killer beats. It is also an album whose substance and form are in harmony, the omnipresent hardness of steel and ice ultimately leaving little room for the organic and the human. The good news is that the title inevitably announces a sequel that will once again plunge us into the maze of these underground bunkers.” ~ Pierre Sopor, VerdamMnis Magazine, France – 25/03/2022

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Industrial musician & DJ. Influenced by early industrial & incorporating modern production alongside edgy electronica & industrial metal. Chaos Rising trilogy (Aug 17 - Nov 18). Debut album TERRA 3808 (Nov 19). ToT&CR (July 21) remix album with some of biggest scene names contributing! Latest release Below The Terra Pt.1 (March 22). Music in a sci-fi post-apocalyptic icy wasteland. ... more


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