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Terraform, deep down, terraform - the world below Descend, terraform, descend, below the Terra, We descend, deep deep, into the bowels of the earth, Terraform, deep down, terraform - the world below


/// lyrics

Terraform, deep down, terraform - the world below

Descend, terraform, descend, below the Terra,

We descend, deep deep, into the bowels of the earth,
Terraform, deep down, terraform - the world below

/// narrative

What does it take to survive?

Humanity’s remnants, the outlaws of war, begin to TERRAFORM the world they create below the Terra. Water is collected, heat sources are found, light is refracted and air vents disguised. A new life is being built; survival isn’t optional.

TERRAFORM is the link joining part one and part two of the BELOW THE TERRA series. The convergence of industrial and heavy midtempo creates a hybrid sound that is stompy and aggressive, while being a clean and polished production, it sets the tone for what’s to come after the success of 2022’s BELOW THE TERRA PT1 album.

/// video



released November 18, 2022

/// credits

Written, produced and artwork by MATT HART. Mixed and Mastered by Krischan Wesenberg of Rotersand.

/// reviews

"Oh, here is a short story synopsis——> bad robot aliens take over the planet, make it really cold and try to knock off the humans, so they go underground. 🙂
First thing that hits you is that “TERRAFORM” is kind of serious business. The rhythm and the music are measured and work like, no messing about here, heavy electronics that drop down on your senses. There is purpose in the not only the music but also HART’s vocals, pushing on the survivors to carry out their tasks.
Woohoo, the Blue Ant version is going deep down and on the low down, the electronics nowhere as heavy and just popping, rolling along. Damn it, I found my head bobbing away with that catchy rolling beat. Someone just pushed the track into techno territory and that would be Sirus. Again, this huge, both threatening and exhilarating at the same time.
What I found a little disturbing about the original track was the fact the vocals had started to become metallic. This we had come to expect from the alien invaders, so does this start to point to the fact the humans are starting to lose their humanity….the one thing that separated them from the robotic overlords? They have fought so long to survive, that this seems to have become consuming. All three versions could be played on a dance floor and I think I can best sum up the three styles as electronic menace (MATT HART), electronic supreme cool (Blue Ant) and electronic bitch slap you up the side of the head/you better dance fool (Sirus). Love it."~ ADELE SINNAMON, ONYX MUSIC REVIEWS, Australia – 18/11/2022

"The three versions on here are all very different and all very good. When you have a solid base to start with, it helps.
The BLUEANT remix is absolute power and fast-paced and is industrial hardcore heart and soul.
SIRUS has a slightly more relaxed pace but is a fair reflection of the original with great beats again.
MATT HART also has his version on here, and it is, of course, excellent.
What can I add about TERRAFORM? Just that when you want the best, you ask for MATT HART." ~ Mike (VK) Horth, Darker Side of Music, Mellieha, Malta – 19/11/2022

"The electro-industrial producer from London is once again trapped in the dystopian world, which has been built very thoroughly and consistently with his new song 'TERRAFORM'. Humanity is racing towards Armageddon at an accelerating speed, after which there will be nothing left but the bitter survival in the ice cold and perishing world. MATT HART prepares us for this with his serious mid-tempo electro-industrial song, accompanied by two exciting and hybrid-sounding remixes on the single: a Sirus kind of rethinking packed with acid elements, and harsh electro on hellish tempo on a BLUE ANT remix!" ~ József Németh, Kollektiva, Hungary – 20/11/2022

"The theme is terraforming (i.e. making a planet liveable/more habitable for humans) which fits into the dark sci-fi line it has been represented so far. For this, he made a minimalist, medium tempo song. The presence of a distorted guitar band is not rare for him, he plays a more dominant role in this play. Torn, mechanical riff is released from the instrument, which already gives a colder base mood, the rhythm of the electric drum is adapted to this. The interaction with leads is taking to a more futuristic direction, while it is incorporating mainstream electronic music elements.
A particular positive thing is that neither Blue Ant nor Sirius were refined at the remixes, they had similar mood, but they gave very different items in their solutions and style." ~ Mortel Misantropix, NecrogenesiS - Magyar Industrial Webzine, Prague, Czech Republic – 24/11/2022

"#1 on Sounds & Shadows November 2022 singles chart list. This single is a banging narrative short film in sonic form. Dystopian sci fi full of underground machinery, perseverance and rebirth. I love the sharp edges and skull smashing mid-tempo beats." ~ Ken Magerman, Sounds & Shadows, Michigan, USA – 02/12/2022

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Industrial musician & DJ. Influenced by early industrial & incorporating modern production alongside edgy electronica & industrial metal. Chaos Rising trilogy (Aug 17 - Nov 18). Debut album TERRA 3808 (Nov 19). ToT&CR (July 21) remix album with some of biggest scene names contributing! Latest release Below The Terra Pt.1 (March 22). Music in a sci-fi post-apocalyptic icy wasteland. ... more


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